Class Progress Overview & Customization

Watch an overview of the Class Progress page

To access Class Progress, complete the following steps:

On the nav bar, click the Assessment menu, then select Class Progress.Class Progress on Nav Bar

Class Progress Overview

class progress overview

All course participants appear in the chart. Their name, username, and Org Defined ID (TCU ID number) display alongside their profile picture, if supplied. Their performance results for the listed indicators also display in the chart. Clicking on any area of this chart brings you to the individual user’s User Progress page.

  • A. Settings, Help information, and User Search
  • B. Filter Users – You can filter class participants based on membership in groups or sections.
  • C. Intelligent Agents Link
  • D. Sorting Filter – Filter by first or last name
  • E. Students and Indicators – Click on the student’s name or one of the four indicators to access User Progress for that student. You can adjust which indicators are seen by following the steps in the Customize Class Progress section.

Customize Class Progress

To customize Class Progress, complete the following steps:

  1. On the nav bar, click Assessment menu, then select Class Progress.
    Class Progress on Nav Bar
  2. Click on the Settings link in the upper right corner.
    Clas Progress Setting
  3. Click on the context menu of the indicator that you do not want and select to Move Up, Move Down, or Replace.Move or Replace Progress Indicator
  4. If you selected Replace, select the new indicator you want displayed.
    Progress Select New Indicator
  5. Click Save and Close.