Checklist for Launching a Quiz

The following are some properties you should check before launching your quiz in your course.

  • Communicate about Quizzes with Students – Review this page for suggestions of ways to communicate with your students about the Quiz, including policies for your Syllabus, defining cheating, and communicating expectations before the quiz
  • Check Quiz Settings – see steps below
  • Check Grades Settings – see steps below

Check Quiz Settings

  1. On the navbar, click the Activities menu, then select Quizzes.
    Quizzes on the Nav Bar
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, from the context menu of the quiz you want to check, click  Edit.
    edit quiz

On the Properties Tab

  • Quiz Questions Per Page – If you do not want students to see the entire quiz at once, enter the number of questions to display per page. If desired, check the box to Prevent moving backwards through pages. You can also choose to Shuffle questions at the quiz level which will randomize the order the questions appear for each student when they take the quiz
  • Note: If you prevent moving backwards through the quiz, a message will appear that the student must acknowledge every time the student tries to move to the next page.
    Questions Per Page
  • Review the question/answers and point value for each quiz question.  Click Add/Edit Questions to revise any question content. Click “Edit Values” to change any values.
    Review the question/answers and point value for each quiz question
  • Optional: Turn on and type a Description. The description is shown before quiz availability and the introduction is shown at the quiz commencement. Note: This is recommended to make your course more Pulse app friendly.
    Quiz Description
  • Optional: Turn on and type a Page Header or Page Footer. The page header is shown at the top of every page and the page footer is shown at the bottom of every page.
    Quiz Header or Footer
  • Set your Optional Advanced Properties: Check the boxes for (or leave unchecked)
    • Allow hints and Disable Email, instant messages and alerts (Recommended)
      Quiz Optional Advanced Properties
  • Click SAVE (Not Save and Close)
    Save Not Save and Close

On the Restrictions Tab

  • Set Status to Active.
    Quiz Active Status
  • Set the Quiz Availability. This is important so students do not access the quiz before the quiz date/time. Add a Start and End Date for the Quiz and check the box to Display in Calendar, so students see this on their calendar and receive reminders. Add a Due Date to the quiz if the End Date is later than the Due Date. Any quizzes completed after the due date are flagged in the system.
    Quiz Dates
  • (Optional) Set Release Conditions. Create and Attach release conditions.
    Quiz Release Conditions
  • (Optional) Set Advanced Restrictions: Set a Password or IP Restrictions. Note: IP Ranges are not available to use with the TCU Network.
    Quiz Advanced Restrictions
  • Set Timing and Late Behavior Preferences: Enforce a Time Limit: Enter the time limit in minutes and Grace Period;  Set the appropriate option for Late Behavior.   When grading quiz submissions if a student submits an attempt after the due date, the quiz will be marked as Submitted Late. If a student submits a quiz past the time limit, the quiz will be marked as Exceeded Time Limit
    Quiz Timing
  • Set Special Access for Quiz, if needed. This will allow users you indicate to have a different quiz start/end date, and time limit. Instructors can use this for students who have accommodations, as well as to set different quiz dates for sections, for example.
    Quiz Add Users to Special Access
  • Click SAVE (Not Save and Close)
    Save Not Save and Close

On the Assessment Tab

  • Set your Grading Preferences
    Quiz Grading Preferences

    • Automatic Grade: Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion – Check this box if you would like students to see their score as soon as they submit their attempt. The score displayed is only what the system can auto-grade. This setting must be turned on for grades to be automatically sent to the grade book, and for the default submission view to be released to users when they complete an attempt. NOTE: If you have a quiz that has to partially be manually graded, such as 2/3 of the quiz is multiple choice or True/False, then the last 1/3 is essay, you might want to keep this option Unchecked. This could avoid panic by students seeing a partial quiz score.
    • Grade Item:  Select the Grade Item in the Grades Tool that you want to associate to this Quiz. If you do not already have a Grade Item created, select Add Grade Item.  Associating a grade item with a quiz allows quiz results to be automatically linked to the Grades tool. Quizzes that contain all bonus questions will not be linked to the specified grade item.
    • Auto Export to Grades: Allow automatic export to grades. When Allow automatic export to grades is enabled, the system can send auto-graded attempt scores directly to the grade book. This requires that a grade item is associated with the quiz. If Allow attempt score to be seen immediately upon completion is not enabled, you must set attempts as marked in the Grade Quiz page to populate the grade book with attempt scores.
  • Set Attempts and Overall Grade Calculation.
    • In the Attempts area, do any of the following:
      1. Set how many attempts a student can make on a quiz. If you select anything other than 1 (default), click Apply to view Optional Advanced Attempt Conditions.Number of Attempts
      2. To allow students to only retake incorrect questions, select the On new attempts, only allow answers for previously incorrect questions check box. When this setting is selected, students who attempt a quiz more than once can only answer questions that were incorrect on the previous attempt. If you are using Automatic grading, Written Response questions will be marked as 0 and included in future attempts until they are graded manually.
        Retake Incorrect Questions Only
      3. If the number of attempts allowed is greater than 1, Instructors must determine how the final grade is calculated. From the Overall Grade Calculation drop-down menu, select one of the following options:
        Overall Grade Calculation for Quiz

        • Highest attempt – Only the attempt with the highest grade is used as the final grade.
        • Lowest attempt – Only the attempt with the lowest grade is used as the final grade.
        • Average of all attempts – The average of the grades on all attempts is calculated and used as the final grade.
        • First attempt – Only the grade on the first attempt is used as the final grade.
        • Last attempt – Only the grade on the last attempt is used as the final grade.
        • If the number of attempts allowed is greater than 1, an optional feature under Advanced Attempt Conditions allows you to determine minimum and/or maximum scores that must be achieved by the learner to obtain the additional attempts.
          Note: If you enter a minimum score, then learners must achieve that set minimum score to receive the subsequent attempt. For example, if you only want learners who receive greater than 50% to receive a subsequent attempt, you can enter that value in the Min % field.
          If you enter a maximum score, then learners can achieve up to that limit to receive subsequent attempts, but not greater than that limit. For example, if you only want learners who receive below 80% on the quiz to receive an additional attempt, you can enter that value in the Max % field.
  • Click SAVE (Not Save and Close)
    Save Not Save and Close

On the Objectives Tab

(Optional) Associate Learning Objectives

On the Submission Views Tab

  • By Default, students will not be able to see any questions/answers upon submission of their quiz. They will see their score, once graded. Determine whether or not students can see their scores, questions, and/or answers within the quizzes tool. If you would like to modify the Default View, select the blue link for Default View.  Make any modifications as desired.Default Submissions ViewAlternatively, if you would like to set up an Additional view, click Add Additional View. This will allow the instructor to decide what students see and when. This includes the following:
    • Date/time students can view the quiz results.
    • IP Restrictions (if you used this in the Quiz Restrictions) Note: This is not available on the TCU Network.
    • Limit the amount of time (in minutes) for which this view is available AFTER the quiz is submitted.  Note: If you require Respondus Lockdown Browser for students to view their quiz submissions DO NOT enable a time limit as nothing will appear when students launch Lock Down Browser to view their quiz submissions.
    • View Details: Show Questions – Yes/No. If Yes – there are many options for what students see including correct/incorrect questions/answers, etc.
    • Score – Show attempt score and overall attempt score.
    • Statistics including Class Average and Score Distribution.
      Quiz New Submission View Options

Click Save and Close.

Check Grades Tool Setup

Ensure that the points entered in the Gradebook match the points that the quiz totals to. TCU Online will convert the scores, but confusion is possible as students can see two different scores in the quizzes area and the gradebook.

Check to ensure that the correct quiz is associated with the correct gradebook item. We recommend that the grade item in the gradebook match the quiz name.

If you plan on dropping a quiz grade during the semester ensure that all quizzes are associated with the correct grade category and the distribution options are set to Distribute Weight Evenly.

  1. On the navbar, click the Activities menu, then select Grades.
    Grades on Nav Bar
  2. Click on the Manage Grades tab.
    Manage Grades
  3. Locate the Quiz/Exam title and make sure in the Association column it says Quizzes. Learn more about Associating a Quiz to a Grade Item.
    Quizzes Association
  4. Then click the context menu (little arrow) to the right of the quiz title, and select Edit Grade Item.
    Edit Quiz Grade Item
  5. Check the settings to confirm the point value matches what is listed in the Quiz.