General Announcements

  • Review the complete January General Announcements from the Brightspace Community.
  • In the Question Library, the View actions in pop-up display option no longer appears for instructors following the January 2024 release.
  • SMS (Short Message Service) notifications will no longer be supported or available starting in the July 2024 release. This change is in response to the deprecation of this service by mobile providers. Users can receive mobile push notifications in Brightspace Pulse, and can subscribe to email notifications in place of SMS notifications. For more information, refer to Intent to EOL SMS Notifications.

Tool Updates

When an instructor is evaluating an Assignment or Discussion, the tooltip for reporting evaluation errors is updated to include clearer language. The tooltip appears when a user enters over 300,000 characters into the Overall Feedback field or enters an invalid grade into the Grade field.

Students can now export their earned awards in a standards-compliant format using
the new Export Digital Credential option. This feature allows the download of
certificates or badges as an industry-standard Open Badges 2.0 compliant Badge for
their own record keeping or sharing.

When instructors grade quiz attempts, any ungraded written response questions remain as pending evaluation until the instructor manually grades them. Previously, when instructors clicked Publish or Update for a quiz attempt, the written response question’s pending evaluation status would be removed.