How Do I Get Started?

  1. Read the page Get Started with TCU Online, and watch the Navigating TCU Online video for a quick overview of TCU Online.
  2. Decide if you would like a shared shell (one shell that combines multiple sections of the same course)
  3. Request additional enrollments (TA, etc.)
  4. Log in to TCU Online
  5. Set-up notifications
  6. Select from options below for delivering content, evaluating learning, and providing feedback.
  7. Review on-demand TCU Online training resources and use the TCU Online Accessibility Checker as you build.
  8. Activate TCU Online Shell when you are ready for students to view shell (Most students already use TCU Online, but if you are worried that they may not know how to log in or locate your course, you can send them our Students: Getting Started with TCU Online link)
  9. Post a welcome announcement that details how the course will use TCU Online


Have Questions? Not Sure Where to Start?

Click on one of the boxes below to help you request the support you need.


How Will I Deliver Content?

Strategize Learning based on Course Outcomes & Build Student Resources

How Will I Evaluate Learning?

Create Opportunities for Students to Show Skills Development & Share Performance Expectations

How Will I Provide Feedback?

Communicate Areas of Strength and Growth

Other Tools

How Do I Learn TCU Online?

How Do I Get Additional Support?