What Happens When You Move Students to a New Group?

Watch what happens when you modify group enrollment


Assignment submissions submitted for the old group remain with the old group. The student receives the grade achieved by the new group on any group assignment submission folders. You can change the student’s grade back to the original group’s mark in the Grades tool.


Discussion posts remain in the old group and do not count towards a student’s grade if the forum or topic is associated with a grade item. The student must satisfy the discussion post requirements in their new group. You can override a grade using the Grades tool.

Discussions and dropped users

When a student drops from a course, they also drop from their group enrollment (visibly) from the groups tool. However, behind the scenes in TCU Online (in the users tool administrators use) the students still remain as enrolled in the group.

If a single, user group was created and discussions associated, the student’s discussions and responses remain in the discussions tool. This is expected behavior.

If faculty encounter this and would prefer for the student’s discussions to no longer appear in your course. This is specifically something to consider if you are using single user, member-specific groups.

Faculty can do one of those things:

  • Delete the single-user group with the student’s name by going to groups, select the group category, then checking the box next to the student name and click Delete.  This will delete the group any any associated activities (assignments, threads).
  • Delete just the discussion topic by clicking the Activities menu on the nav bar, then select Discussions. Locate the discussion topic you wish to delete, then click the context menu for the discussion topic, then selecting Delete from the menu.

Note: If a student re-enrolls in the course, the instructor, at anytime, can restore the discussion topic and responses by clicking the Activities menu on the nav bar, then select Discussions. Click the More Actions button, then select Restore. Find the topic and restore it.


Locker files remain in the old group. Students must add any files they want to keep to the new Locker area themselves.