Types of Rubrics

There are two types of rubrics available for use in TCU Online:

Holistic Rubrics

Single-criterion rubrics (one-dimensional) are used to assess overall performance on an activity or item based on predefined performance levels (standards). Holistic rubrics in TCU Online may use a percentages or text only scoring method.

Types of rubrics- Holistic

Analytic Rubrics

Two-dimensional rubrics, with performance levels (standards) as columns, and assessment criteria as rows, allow you to assess participants’ performance based on multiple criteria using a single rubric. Adding criteria groups allows you to group criteria into categories. Analytic rubrics in TCU Online may use a points, custom points, or text only scoring method. Points and custom points analytic rubrics incorporate text descriptions and points to assess performance. With custom points, each criterion may be worth a different number of points, allowing you to weight criteria differently and include an overall score by totaling the criteria. For both points and custom points a total score is provided based on the total number of points achieved.

Types of rubrics- Analytic