Share the FAQ Tool

Instructors can share the FAQ tool with their students by either directing the students to access from the nav bar, add a link within a content module, or hyperlink within the HTML editor.

Access from the FAQ tool

All users enrolled in a course can access your FAQ content from the FAQ Tool. To access the tool, on the nav bar, click the More Tools menu, then select FAQ.
FAQ Nav Bar


Add a Link to the FAQ tool within a Content Module

  1. On the nav bar click on Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. Within the Module you want to create the link, click on the Upload/Create button.
    upload or create
  3. Select Create a Link from the menu.
    create a link
  4. Enter a Title, such as “FAQ for this course.”
  5. Copy and paste the following URL to the FAQ into the URL field:{orgUnitId}
  6. Uncheck the box for Open as External Resource (since we are linking to a tool within TCU Online).
    Link to FAQ from Content
  7. Click on the Create button.
  8. The link will display within the content module.
    FAQ tool within content

Add a QuickLink to the FAQ tool from the HTML Editor

  1. Within the HTML editor anywhere in the course, Instructors can click the “Insert QuickLink” button.
    QuickLinks in HTML Editor
  2. In the Insert QuickLinks window, scroll down and select URL.
    Insert QuickLink URL
  3. Paste the following URL into the URL field:{orgUnitId}
  4. Add a Title – this is the link text students will click. In this example, I typed FAQ for this course. Select the Target to either Same Frame (the link will open to replace the current page) or New Window (the link will open a new tab). Then, click Insert.
    Quicklink URL to FAQ tool
  5. Continue writing your content in the HTML editor, then click Save or Update.