Intelligent Agent Settings – Set the From name and Reply to: Address

By default, Intelligent Agents (IA) will send from the default system address This means that when your students reply to your Intelligent Agent email, they will send their replies to the Koehler Center instead of to you.  To avoid this, It is strongly recommended that those adopting this tool, change their settings to have email Name be the person who set up the agent, and the reply-to address be yours, for a seamless communication with your students.


Intelligent Agent Settings

  1. On the nav bar, click Course Admin.
    Course Admin on the Nav Bar
  2. Click Intelligent Agents.
    intelligent agents
  3. Before creating an agent, set the reply-to name and email address. Failure to do these steps will result in students possibly replying to the system email address instead of directly to you.
    1. Click Settings.
      Intelligent Agents Settings
  4. Select the radio button to Set custom values for this course.
    Intelligent Agent Reply To Settings

    1. Enter your name in the Name that emails come from field.
    2. Enter your email address in the Reply-To address for responses.
  5. Click Save.