Reorder a Module

To reorder modules in a course, or reorder content within a module, complete the following steps:

  1. Find the 3 lines icon next to the module or content item.
    • Module
      Reorder Module
    • Content Topic
      Reorder Content Topic
  2. Hover over the three lines icon until your cursor has four arrows Move icon .
    Move Content with Arrows
  3. Click and hold to drag and drop the module or content item to its desired location.
  • To move a module or content item above or below current modules, drag until you see a dark blue line appear where you would like to move the module or item to.
    Drag Content
  • To move a module or content item into another module, drag the module or content item until you see a blue shaded box appear around the module you want to move the item into.
    Drag Content into New Module