Receive Instant Messages

When a new instant message is received, the recipient will see an orange dot on their Messages alert icon at the top of the page.

Message Alerts Icon
  1. Click the Message Alerts icon at the top of the page. Note: An orange dot displays on the message icon indicating a notification of a new message.
    Message alerts with notification on minibar in TCU Online
  2. Do either:
    1. Click Instant Messages to view all messages.
      Open Instant Messages from IM
    2. Select the message from the preview.
      Open Instant Messages from preview
  3. The Inbox will open in a pop-up window. Click on the message you wish to read.
    New Message in Inbox
  4. The Message will display.
    • If you wish to respond to the message,  type your message, then click Send.
      Respond to Received Instant Message
    • If you wish to add the sender to your Friends list, click Add to Friends list.
      Add to Friends List from Message