Reactivating Respondus Lockdown Browser after Copying Course Content

Whenever you copy course content from a master to a live shell or from a previous semester you will need to re-enable Respondus Lockdown Browser for your quizzes to work properly.

If Respondus Lockdown Browser is not re-enabled student will receive the following message when they launch Lockdown Browser.

Respondus error message

Re-enable Respondus Lockdown Browser

  1. Within your course, click Activities, then select Quizzes.
  2. Select the quiz you wish to edit, then click on the Lockdown Browser Tab.
    LockDown Browser tab
  3. Click on the Continue to LockDown Browser button.
    Continue to Lockdown Browser
  4. Find the quiz you want to re-enable Respondus Lockdown Browser for, and click on the drop-down menu icon next to the quiz and select Modify Settings
    Modify Settings
  5. Check over Lockdown Browser settings and click on Save and Close.
    check settings then save