Publish Self Assessment Questions to the LOR to Share with Other Instructors

You can share self assessment questions to the Learning Object Repository (LOR) to share with other instructors.

  1. On the nav bar, click the Activities menu, then select Self Assessments.
    self assessments on the nav bar
  2. On the Manage Self Assessments page, click on the self assessment that contains questions you want to publish.
    Select Self Assessment to Publish
  3. Click Add/Edit Questions.
    Self Assessment Add Edit Questions
  4. Select the check box for any self assessment question you want to publish.
    Self Assessment question you want to publish
  5. Click Publish to LOR.
    Publish Self Assessment Question to LOR
  6. On the Publish page, from the Pick a Repository drop-down list, select where you want to publish your questions to.
    Pick Repository for Self Assessment LOR
  7. Click Next.
    Next button LOR Self Assessment
  8. On the Metadata page, enter metadata details for the questions.
    Self Assessment LOR Metadata
  9. Click the Publish to LOR button.
  10.  Click the Done button.
    Done Publishing Self Assessment to LOR