Insert a Panopto Video with Quiz into a TCU Online course

  1. On the nav bar in your course, click Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. Do either:
    • Create a module: Under the Table of Contents, click on the box with the text Add a module field then enter the name of your new module and then press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
      Add a Module
    • Select an existing content module: Under the Table of Contents, click the title of the module in which you’d like to place your Panopto Quiz.
  3. Click the Existing Activities dropdown menu, then select Panopto Quiz.
    Existing Activities Panopto Quiz
  4. In the pop-up window, choose the Panopto video with the quiz activity you would like to place into your course module. Select the radio button next to the video and click Insert.By default, your course folder will display. If your video is in another folder, select the name of the Panopto folder that contains your video with quizzes. Note: Videos that are not in your course folder might not be visible to the students due to sharing settings. Be sure to check the sharing settings in Panopto. See Share a Video for more information about checking your sharing settings.
    Select the Panopto Video Quiz
  5. The quiz will be added into the Content module. Note: The content topic will be titled whatever you named your Panopto video.
    Panopto Video Quiz in Content