Create and insert a video note in HTML Editor

Instructors have the ability to create a Video Note anywhere the HTML Editor is available to them. Some of these locations include: Announcements, Content, Activities (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes), and Grades.

Students have the ability to create Video Note anywhere the HTML Editor is available to them, including Assignment submissions, Discussion responses (threads and posts), and in Quiz Written Response questions (if the HTML Editor box is checked).

The steps below assume you are working in. TCU Online within your course and have an HTML editor available to you.

    1. In the HTML Editor, click the  Insert Stuff icon.
      insert stuff
    2. Click Video Note.
      Video Note
    3. When your browser prompts you to allow camera and microphone access, click Allow.
      Allow Camera and Microphone
    4. Click New Recording to record your video. Click Stop Recording when you finish recording.
      Record Video Note
      Stop Recording
    5. To preview your video note, click Play.
    6. If you want to re-record, click Clear. If you are satisfied with your recording, click Next.
    7. Enter a title, description, and captioning information for your video note.
      1. A description is useful to users who are unable to view the video.
      2. Important – Add captions for Accessibility: First select the Audio Language and then check the box to Automatically generate captions from audio.
    8. Click Next. After this step your video note saves to Video Note Search. If you have permission to search and insert video notes, you can reuse this video in the future.
    9. You can preview the video note before you insert it.
    10. Click the three dots in the right corner of the video to select the default captioning status as either On or Off.

    11. Click Insert.
    12. Continue editing your HTML content and click Publish, Update, or Save (the option varies based on the page you are accessing)