Grade an Assignment Submission (iOS)

Before grading assignment submissions, ensure you synchronize Brightspace Assignment Grader with the assignments in your TCU Online course(s) to get the most up-to-date information. To do this, you can pull from top to bottom in any list view.

  1. Under a course section, tap an assignment.
  2. Inside the assignment, all of the student (or group) submissions display in a list. Each submission displays the date and time it was submitted and the amount of time it was late by, if applicable. To open a submission, tap it.
  3. To view when the assignment was submitted and any notes that accompanied the submission, tap the panel on the left of the screen.
  4. To open the Scoring and Feedback drawer on the right of the screen, tap it. Then do any of the following:
    • To set a final score for the assignment, in the Score section, enter a score.
    • To use an associated rubric, in the Rubrics section, tap the rubric. Select the appropriate performance level for each criterion. If you want the rubric to automatically assign a score in the Total section, tap Save and Record. If you want to enter a total score manually, tap Save.
    • To give written feedback, in the Feedback section, enter your feedback. Format your feedback using the options in the text box.
    • To give audio feedback, in the Record section, tap Audio. Tap the gray circle. Speak your feedback. When you are done recording, tap the gray circle again. Tap Attach Feedback to include as submission feedback.
    • To give video feedback, in the Record section, tap Video. Tap the gray circle. In recording mode, tap the red circle. Present your feedback. To end the recording, tap the red square. Tap Use Video to include as submission feedback.
    • To annotate the file with feedback in context, tap the applicable icon and annotate the desired text or area. To confirm your annotation, tap Done. See Annotate an Assignment Submission (iOS) for more information.
  5. To publish the grades and feedback to TCU Online, do any of the following:
    • To release just that submission’s grade and feedback to the student in TCU Online, in the individual submission view, tap Publish.
    • To release all In Draft grades and feedback in an assignment submission folder to students in TCU Online, navigate to the assignment submission folder and then tap Publish All.