Fix Broken Links in Content

Links in Content may be broken if users receive a “Not Authorized” error message when attempting to access a resource/tool by clicking on the quicklink.

Note: If a user clicks a quicklink to a course activity that is outside the availability dates (not yet available or no longer available), the following error message appears: “Unavailable Quicklink. The <activity type> is not available”. In this case, the quicklink is not broken. If you want users to gain access to the activity, then you must change the availability dates for the activity.

  1. On the nav bar click Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. Click on the module or sub-module that contains the topic with the broken link.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • If the topic is a direct quicklink, from the context menu of the quicklink, click Edit Link, make your changes, and then click Update.
    • If the body text of a topic contains a quicklink, from the context menu of the topic containing the broken link, click Edit HTML, highlight the affected link in the text box, click the Quicklink icon, and click on the tool (Quizzes, Discussions, etc.) you want to quicklink to, or select Url if the quicklink is a URL.