Export the History of an Intelligent Agent

You can export the history of an agent to a CSV file to see when the agent was run, who was identified, the type of run (Manual, Scheduled, or Practice), who ran the agent, and if any errors were encountered.

  1. On the nav bar, click Course Admin.
    Course Admin on the Nav Bar
  2. Click Intelligent Agents.
    Intelligent Agents in Course Admin
  3. Click More Actions, then select Export Agent History.
    Export Agent History
  4. Select an individual agent, or all agents.
    Agent Select Agent
  5. Optional: Select the Include Practice Runs checkbox if you want this information included.
    Practice Runs
  6. Set the date range to include in the CSV.
    Agent Export Date Range
  7. Click Export.
  8. On the Export Success page, click on the CSV file to download the history for review offline. Note: the file name will be different for your exported file than the example screenshot.
    Download Exported Agent History
  9. Open the downloaded file in Excel to view your results.

Note: On the Agent List page, select the context menu for an individual agent, and click Export History to generate a CSV file for specific agents.