Enforce a language pack in an individual language course (Instructor)

Instructors have the ability to enforce a language pack within their TCU Online language courses. Enforcing a language pack sets the language for your course site and overrides the personal settings of enrolled students. This allows you to deliver a more consistent and immersive linguistic experience for students in your course.

Choosing to enforce a language pack in your course will cause TCU Online to display structural elements such as course tools, buttons, and system instructions in the target language. Dates will display in the convention of the locale.

Languages available:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Use the following steps to enforce a language pack in an individual language course:

  1. On the nav bar, click the Course Admin.
    course admin
  2. Click the Course Offering Information link.
    Course Offering Information
  3. Select your desired language from the “Locale” dropdown menu.
  4. Check the box for Override locale preferences. (This will set the language for all users in the course)
  5. Click the Save button.