Course Shell Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions regarding course shells.

How do I get a course shell?

Beginning with the Winter Intersession and Spring 2017 terms, all courses with a faculty member assigned in class search will have a shell automatically created in TCU Online. As new courses and faculty are assigned through the Registrar’s office, TCU Online may take up to 24 hours to reflect any changes.

Faculty who wish to use TCU Online should complete the semester launch steps  to prepare their course shells.

I’m new faculty – when can I get my course shell?

All new faculty assigned to a course will automatically have a course shell available, but using TCU Online is optional. Currently, 95% of the TCU faculty use the LMS.

To login to TCU Online as a faculty member, you must have the following completed:

  1. Have all your hiring paperwork completed through the hiring process
  2. You must be listed on TCU’s class search assigned to a class.
  3. You must have a TCU network account

Once all the steps above are completed, you will login through using your TCU network credentials.

I had a section change, and I no longer have access to my previously assigned course shell with my content in it. What happened and what do I do to get my content?

When section changes happen, all users are dropped from the course shell automatically , including instructors.  If a new section is assigned, a new course shell will be created within 24 hours (sooner during peak times).  If you need assistance copying content from the shell you were dropped from, please email, providing your old course number and section, your new course number/section and share that you had a section change and need content copied from your previous shell.