Chat Settings

  1. On the nav bar, click the People menu, then select Chat.
    Chat on the Nav Bar
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the Chat List page, click Settings.
      Settings on Chat List page
    • Inside a chat, click Settings.
      Settings within Chat
  3. In the Alias field, enter a new alias. By default, your first name will display. For example, if you wish for your name to display in chat as Dr. Last Name instead of your first name, you can enter that in the alias field. Note: Instructors and Teaching Assistants with Editing permissions are able to change their alias. Students cannot change their alias.
    Chat Alias
  4. Optional: Select the alias format you prefer by checking the boxes for Bold or Italics. This will format how names (alias) display within the chat.
    Alias Format
  5. Set an Alias Color. By default, the alias (names) will display in black. If you wish to change the color, you can click the arrow to the right of the color block to select another color or enter a hex# of a preferred color.
    Chat Alias Color Black
    Chat Alias Color picker
  6. If you want to change the message order, select New to Old or Old to New. If you want to see new messages only, select New Messages. This requires you to manually refresh the screen, to see new messages and remove all old ones. You can change back to see all messages, which restores all messages for that session, even if they were not visible while New Messages was selected.
    Chat Message Order
  7. You can change your sound settings so you can hear a sound when someone enters the chat, leaves the chat, or when there is an incoming message.  To hear a sound, click the arrow to the right of the sound selection.
    Chat Sounds for actions
    Chat Sound options
    Select a sound from the following drop-down lists:

    • Incoming Message Sound
    • Person Enters Chat Sound
    • Person Leaves Chat Sound
  8. Click Save.