Automatically Transfer Rubric Overall Score to a Student’s Grade


You can automatically transfer the overall score of a numeric rubric to a student’s grade. A score transfers automatically only when the rubric has an overall score.

Numeric rubrics include the following types:

  • Point analytic
  • Custom point analytic
  • Percentage holistic

When multiple rubrics are present in the rubric pop-up window, it is the overall score of the first numeric rubric that TCU Online transfers. If you want to transfer the score of a different rubric or scores from multiple rubrics, you must handle these situations separately.

TCU Online handles different types of grade items during the transfer as follows:

  • Numeric: The overall score of the rubric is expressed as a percentage and applied to the grade item to ensure correct translation between different out of values. For example, if the grade item is out of 6 and the rubric is out of 10, when you assess the rubric and the student achieves 8/10, the student’s grade will be 4.8 upon transfer.
  • Selectbox: TCU Online finds the range in the selectbox values that has the translated rubric score and the student is given the Assigned Value % corresponding to the range.
  • Pass/Fail: If you assess the rubric to a score of 0, upon transfer, the grade item will be set to Fail; otherwise, the student is given a Pass.
  1. On the nav bar, click the Assessment menu, then select Grades.
    Grades on Nav Bar
  2. Click the Enter Grades tab.
    Enter Grades
  3. From the grade item’s context menu, select the Grade All option.
    Grade Item Grade All
  4. On the selected Grade Item page, click on the measurement icon under the Assessment column for the student you want to evaluate.
    Assessment Icon for Grade Item
  5. On the rubric pop-up window, evaluate the student and click Publish. Note: If you click Save Draft, the overall score does not transfer to the student’s grade.
    Publish Rubric Score