Automatically Create Restricted Topics for Groups or Sections

You can automatically create a discussion topic for each group or section in a selected category. Topics get their names from the group or section they associate with and will be created under the forum that is selected. When the topics are created, each topic will be restricted to the group or section after which it was named.

  1. On the nav bar, click the Activities menu, then select Discussions.
    Discussions on the Nav Bar
  2. Click Group and Section Restrictions from the tool navigation.
    Discussions Groups and Sections
  3. Click the Automatically create restricted topics link. This link takes you to a page to automatically create restricted topics for the selected forum.
    Discussions Automatically create restricted topics
  4. Select where you want to create your topics:
    • A Group or Section Category: The group or section category to create the restricted topics for. A restricted topic is created for each group or section in the selected group or section category.
    • The Forum: The forum to create the restricted topics in. If you want to create a new forum, click New Forum.
      Discussions Groups Sections Forums
  5. Click Create.