Workaround for Bulk Annotation Sync Issues


An instructor bulk syncs graded student submissions/assignments with annotations in Assignment Grader back to course ‘Assignments’. Those annotations in some cases can get lost and do not get published back to ‘Assignments’ when a bulk sync is completed.


We suggest the following steps when syncing graded/annotated student submissions back to ‘Assignments’ from Assignment Grader:

Option 1

  1. Instructor annotates an entire class’ assignments via Assignment Grader.
  2. Once this is done and the instructor goes online in the Assignment Grader app, it will automatically ‘push’ but not publish those annotations to the course gradebook in draft format.
  3. The instructor could then publish directly from the course without needing the publish button in the app.

Option 2

  1. In Assignment Grader, go to the course and then the actual ‘Assignments’ folder you wish to grade in, select the student submission to grade. Once you grade/annotate the submission, you will see the status update to ‘In Draft.’
    Assignment Grader In Draft
  2. While still on the Student submission page, tap on ‘Publish’. Tap ‘Ok’ to confirm you wish to publish the graded/annotated student submission:
    Assignment Grader Publish
  3. You will see the indicator switch to ‘Published’:
    Assignment Grader Published
  4. If you then go back to the individual assignment/folder view (in this case, ‘Alert Test’) you will note that one of the student submissions has been graded/published and the other still is ‘not graded’:
    Assignment Grader Status
  5. Follow this step for each student submission that needs to be graded/annotated.