Add SCORM content to your course

Instructors can:

  • import, export, and copy courses that include course content and SCORM objects, both SCORM 1.2 and 2004
  • view high-level interaction data for their SCORM objects. In the future, more detailed interaction data will be available
  • connect SCORM objects with grade items that automatically enter into a grade book, if that functionality is enabled within their instance
  • basic search capabilities of an instructor’s own SCORM content
  • Static and dynamic linking of SCORM objects, and linking to multiple courses

Learners can play and interact with a course that includes course content and SCORM objects, both SCORM 1.2 and 2004.

Note: Any SCORM objects uploaded prior to March 30, 2017 will not appear in search or have the extended functionality. These items should be re-uploaded to leverage the new features.

Upload/Add a SCORM object to Content

  1. Go to your course, and select Content.
  2. Select the module you want to place your SCORM content.
  3. Select Upload/Create then click New SCORM Object.
    New SCORM Object
  4. Upload your SCORM object (.zip file) or search/select a previously uploaded SCORM object. In the example below, an Instructor has a few options to add content to their module.  Option 1: click Upload to locate a SCORM .zip file from their computer. Option 2: Search or Select a previously uploaded SCORM file. Note: The search and existing SCORM object list will display SCORM uploads they have added from all courses.
    Upload Or Search SCORM
  5. Whether you choose to upload or select a previously uploaded object, a dialog box will display asking if you want a Static or Dynamic object displayed.  Choosing “Display this version even if a new version is added” will show a static display of the Object, meaning that this version of the object will always display.  Choosing “Always display the latest version” will show a dynamic display of the Object, meaning that if you upload a new version of the content, it will update automatically. Click Save once you have made your selection.
    SCORM - choose Dynamic or Static
  6. Click Save again on the confirmation page.
    SCORM Upload Confirmation
  7. The new content topic will display with a button to “open in a new window.” click the button to preview your content. Note: When selecting the Content title from the module, the content will automatically open.
    SCORM Object Click Open In new Window
  8. Click through the content. To exit the content and return to the course, close the tab/window. In the example below, a lesson on Golf was added to the course as a SCORM object.
    SCORM Content Preview