About synchronizing your TCU Online account with Brightspace Assignment Grader

When you first log in to Brightspace Assignment Grader, the assignment submission folder information in your TCU Online courses automatically synchronizes with the app. When you evaluate a submission by applying feedback or assigning a grade using Brightspace Assignment Grader, the grading status of the submission is set to In Draft. Grades and feedback for submissions with an In Draft status are periodically and automatically synchronized with TCU Online but are not released to students. You must explicitly release the evaluation information to students by tapping Publish All in the submission list view or Publish in the individual submission view. When the grades and feedback you have applied are released to students, the grading status of the submissions changes to Published.

To refresh the assignment submission folder information in Brightspace Assignment Grader, you can pull from top to bottom in any list view. Upon refresh, if there are any submissions with an In Draft grading status, the In Draft grades and feedback are first synchronized with TCU Online and are maintained within the application. Then, updated assignment submissions folder information from courses in TCU Online is synchronized back to Brightspace Assignment Grader.

Note: Automatic synchronization of In Draft feedback with TCU Online only occurs when the device is connected to the Internet. If the device is not connected to the Internet, the changes are queued and stored within the application until a connection is made, and at that time an automatic synchronization occurs.