Migrate vs. Create a Course

The migration request process will move your existing course from eCollege to D2L.  However, creating your course in D2L by hand presents a good opportunity to start from scratch.  Here are some things to consider.

Migrate a Course Pros:

  • The migration procedure is simple to initiate.
  • For most courses, this is likely to require the least effort.
  • Most course items will migrate well.
  • Migrated courses will serve as a Master course for you to use as a source to copy FROM into your blank shells for the official terms.
  • If the result is not to your liking you can still choose to build in your official course from scratch.

Migrate a Course Cons:

  • Some items might need significant reconfiguring anyway.
  • A migrated course that hasn’t been checked thoroughly might have some lurking problems.
  • There may be more appropriate ways to organize the course in D2L.
  • A migrated course may not take full advantage of D2L features that eCollege doesn’t have.

Create a Course Pros:

  • Course creation is an opportunity for a fresh look at course material.
  • Outdated or unwanted materials won’t clutter up the new course.
  • Creating a course is a good exercise in learning D2L.
  • The resulting course may be organized more appropriately for D2L.
  • The Course Builder feature of D2L may make the process less cumbersome.

Create a Course Cons:

  • Depending on the size and complexity of the course it might involve significantly more effort.