Instructors frequently rely on third party tools outside of TCU Online (Brightspace by D2L) to support teaching and learning in their courses. In many cases it is possible to integrate these tools into TCU Online to give students and instructors a more seamless experience by sharing data including credentials, content links, rosters, and grades.

Review Process

To ensure the integrity of the learning management system and compliance with federal regulations, all third party tools must be vetted prior to integration. The approval process includes a review of technical compatibility, accessibility, security, and a check for financial risks to students if they must enter payment information. If the tool is funded by an academic unit, the Procurement office will also be involved to ensure purchases are made in accordance with the University’s rules. The time to complete an integration depends on the technical complexity of the task and vendor compliance. Please allow up to 6 months lead time when requesting a new integration.

To request the integration of a technology tool to TCU Online, please complete the form below. You must complete the form in full for your request to be considered.