Step 1



Attend In-Person or Online Training

Sign up for in-person or online training.

Begin Crash Course

Crash Course is an online tutorial for faculty in TCU Online.  Faculty have been enrolled as students in this course and can begin working through the self-paced modules. Get started now by logging in at with your TCU credentials (the same you use for MY.TCU.EDU). You will find Crash Course located in the My Courses section of the home page.
TCU Online Crash Course

Review Documentation

You can begin with the resources listed below to practice building content and using the course tools in your Faculty Sandbox.

Step 2



Verify Your Semester Courses

Please login to TCU Online and verify all your semester courses are listed. Please note, we have pulled all courses currently assigned to you in class search into TCU Online. When you login to TCU Online, you will select the dropdown arrow under My Courses and select the semester you would like to view.  All courses to which you are assigned should be listed in TCU Online; however, it may take up to 24 hours for courses to reflect changes made by the Registrar.  If your courses are not listed in TCU Online but are assigned to you in class search, please email and list the missing courses and their terms.

2017 Spring Term Selected

Request Shared Shells

If you would like to request that multiple sections be shared into one course shell in TCU Online, please complete the Shared Shell Request Form.

Enroll Additional Users

If you have additional users (individuals not officially assigned to the course as faculty/student) who need to be enrolled in your course shells, please complete the Enroll Additional Users Request Form.

Step 3



Activate your Semester Courses

All courses are set as inactive by default. If you wish to use TCU Online for your semester courses, you will need to activate those courses by following the steps on our Activate your course page.

Once you have activated your course, students will have access to your course at 12:01am on the first day of the semester.

Step 4



Prepare and Update Master Courses

What are Master Courses?

In TCU Online you will prepare your content in master courses, and then copy them into semester courses when the course schedule is released by the Registrar.

Making revisions in the master course preserves the integrity of past semester courses, while providing a space for the development of the most recent version of your course. Master courses provide a shared planning and organizational space for co-taught courses. Master courses are also a focal location for collecting your materials and documenting your teaching.

Master courses never have students enrolled. Each semester you will copy your master course into the live semester course, where students are enrolled. If you make changes in the semester course, you can then copy those changes into your master course at the end of the semester.

Verify Master Courses

Please login to TCU Online and verify all your courses are listed. When you login, you will select the dropdown arrow under My Courses and select the semester entitled either “Fall & Spring Master Courses” or “Summer Master Courses.”  All your master courses, whether migrated from eCollege or created as blank courses, should be listed.

Confirm you have all of the Master courses you need for your classes. Note: Some courses are still going through Quality Assurance. You will receive an email once you are enrolled in these courses.

Courses migrated from eCollege: If you requested that material be migrated from eCollege, you will find a module entitled “Faculty To Do” inside that course’s Master course. Within that module, there is a content item called “Read This Page.” There you will find a list of information about what came over in the migration process, what did not transfer, and videos to help you with common migration questions.

Request Master Blank Courses

If you need additional blank courses, fill out this form to request a blank Master course.

Update your Content

Your Master Courses are the course shells you will update to prepare for semester-specific course offerings. Begin making your updates. When your live semester courses are available, you will use the copy tool to copy content from the updated Master Shells into the live semester shells.

Important: Check that your course content is accessible using these guidelines, tutorials, and tips. 

Update your Syllabus

Our syllabus templates have been updated with TCU Online information. Please download the appropriate template for your course and add the text to your syllabus as needed. As you make your updates, you can upload your new Syllabi to your Master Courses.

Build your Gradebook

The gradebook does not transfer over from eCollege, so whether you have a migrated course or a blank course, you must setup your gradebook in the Grades tool in your Master shells.

Grades Documentation
Recommended Grades Settings
Video: Learning About & Setting Up Grades

Step 5



Copy Content from Master Courses

If you have content already created in a Master Course that you would like to copy to your live semester course(s), you will need to use the copy function (Import / Export Components) in Course Admin within TCU Online. Please review the documentation and how-to video for instructions on copying content. If you encounter any errors when copying content, please contact Support immediately.

Step 6



Verify Your Course Enrollments

Faculty should verify that the students enrolled in your TCU Online courses match the students listed in the rosters provided to you by the TCU Registrar, accessible through My.TCU.EDU. Follow the steps on our Verify Enrollments in your TCU Online shell(s) page.

Remember, students cannot access any TCU Online courses until the course is activated AND then not until 12:01am on the first day of the semester. TCU students are allowed to add/drop/swap until they find a suitable schedule, so please be sure to review your TCU Online enrollments before classes begin, and again throughout the first two weeks of classes.

**Please note: Enrollments into TCU Online are not handled in real time. There is a daily file that handles adds/drops from PeopleSoft into TCU Online. Please ONLY notify the Koehler Center if a student hasn’t been added/dropped after 24 hours.