Release Final Adjusted Grades

Watch the video: Releasing Final Adjusted Grades

Follow these steps if you have selected Adjusted Final Grade for your Final Grade Released option in Settings. For more information, see Recommended Grades Tool Settings.

  1. On the nav bar, click the Assessment menu, then select Grades.
    Grades on Nav Bar
  2. Click the Enter Grades tab.
    Enter Grades
  3. On the Enter Grades page, click the drop­down arrow next to Final Adjusted Grade and choose Grade All.
    Grade All Final Adjusted Grade
  4. If you did NOT check the Automatically keep final grades updated checkbox in your gradebook settings, you should recalculate the final grades at this time. Click the context menu next to Final Grades and choose Recalculate All. Follow the prompts in the window that opens. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
    Final Grades Recalculate All
  5. The Final Adjusted Grade column contains the grades which will be released to students. To begin, populate this column with the grades TCU Online has automatically calculated for each student by clicking the drop­down arrow next to Final Grades and choosing Transfer All. Click Yes to the confirmation prompt.
    Final Grades Transfer All
    transferred grades
  6. Now that the Final Adjusted Grade column has been populated, you can adjust these grades as desired. For example, if the student’s grade is an 92.5, and you would like to raise it to a 93, simply enter “93” / “100” into the Final Adjusted Grade column.
    Adjust the Grade
  7. Once you have verified that all the grades in the Final Adjusted Grade column are correct (note that there may be multiple pages of students to view), you can make these grades visible to students. To do so, click the drop­down arrow next to Final Grades and choose Release All. After you click Yes to the confirmation prompt, your students can see their final grades.
    Final Grades Release All
  8. Additional information: The grades in the Final Adjusted Grade column are visible to all students for whom the Released box is checked. If needed, you can check or uncheck this box to release or un-release final grades for some students but not others. To quickly change this setting for multiple students at once, select the students using the checkboxes on the left side of the list (the checkbox at the very top left will select all students on that page), and then click the Release/Unrelease button.Released Adjusted Grade