Personalize your Content with Replace Strings

Personalize your Announcements in your course, Intelligent Agent emails, or homepage widgets for your users by using Replace Strings.

For Example, create a new Announcement in your course that is a Welcome note to your students.  This might say:

Hello, {FirstName}!

Welcome to {OrgUnitName}.  I’m excited to get to know all of you and dive into the content together.  To get started, please select the “Content” link above, and open up the first module, on the left-hand side.

See you in class!

Dr. Jones

The replace strings, in the example below are {FirstName} and {OrgUnitName}.  These would auto-populate the viewer’s first name and the course title in the welcome announcement.

For more information and a list of other replace strings, review the documentation: Replace Strings.

If you plan to use Intelligent Agents, please review the Create an Agent page for steps and information about available replace strings for that tool.