Links added as content and set to open within the frame do not load

Issue Description

User with editing abilities would see this issue when attempting to create a link within a module.  The issue appears on both a Mac and PC in various browsers.

Steps to replicate

Go to a course, select a module and select Create a link. Add a title, and url (this can be any valid url).  Do not check “open as external resource.” Then click Create. View the link. In line, it either shows as a blank white screen, or it shows a small loading wheel, but nothing appears.

Explanation of issue

The link not displaying inline is happening due to restrictions set by the link you are reaching out to and is controlled by each domain/website, and is not something that can be overridden or controlled by D2L unfortunately. Depending on that setting, some links will work and some will not.


Avoid this issue, by checking the box for “Open as external resource,” for all links you create using the “Create a Link” option within a Module.