Intelligent Agents: Practice Run

Instructors can now select Practice Run from the agent context menu on the Agent List.   This runs the agent, and reports back a list of users who met the specified criteria. Users identified in a practice run are not notified or emailed.

A practice run does not count as an action when using the Take action only the first time the agent’s criteria are satisfied for a user type of agent. As with existing Intelligent Agents, the agent must be turned on to trigger a practice run. In conjunction with the new history page, users can also now see the history of all practice runs.

Follow the steps below to run a Practice Run for an Intelligent Agent.

  1. Open your course, then select Course Admin.
  2. Select Intelligent Agents.
  3. Select the context menu (arrow icon) next to the Agent name. Select Practice Run.

    Intelligent Agent Practice Run

  4. On the confirmation window that opens, select Yes to run the practice run.
  5. Click Done on the Practice Run submission page.  An email will arrive when the agent has run successfully.
  6. Once the agent has run, follow the steps to View the History of the Practice Run to see how many/which users are identified.
  7. Once you are ready to run the agent, you can return to the Intelligent Agent page to Run Now.