Discussions for Groups or Sections

Instructors can create Discussion Topics for Groups or Sections in their courses. See the information below to get started:

    • Create Group Discussions from the Group Tool
    • Create Group/Section Topics from the Discussion Tool: When creating a new discussion topic, the Properties tab has a Topic Type option. The option defaults to an Open topic, but instructors can select the new Group or Section topic option instead. Once you create and save the topic, you cannot change the topic type. If you select the group or section topic option, you can associate the topic to a grade item for all groups or sections.
      If you plan to use Groups, and have not yet set them up, please first follow the steps to Create a group category. Then follow the steps on the Create an Open or Group Discussion Topic page for details about creating a discussion topic. See step 4 on that page for group/section discussion settings.
  • View and Participate in Group Discussion