Create a Blog Entry

  1. On the nav bar, click the Activities menu, then select Blog.
    Blog on nav bar
  2. On the My Blog page, click New Entry.
    Blog New Entry
  3. Enter a title. The title appears in the blog entry list after you publish it.
    Blog Title
  4. Add content to your blog.
    Blog Content

  5. Options: If you want to allow other users to view your blog entry, select Make entry public. IMPORTANT: The blog tool is a university-wide public tool for students, and is not tied to a specific class. Anyone in TCU Online who accesses the Blog tool can see all public blog posts unless they are set to private. Private entries are ONLY visible to the person who writes them. Blog posts are not private nor tied to a specific course.
    Blog Make Public
  6. Optional: If you want to allow other users to comment on your blog entry, select Allow Comments. Note: Only public entries can have comments. Blog Allow Comments
  7. If you want the blog entry to show a different date from the current date and time, change the Entry Date. To revert to the default values, click Now. The Blog displays the most recent entries first, according to the entry date you set.
    Blog Entry Date
  8. Click Save to publish your blog entry.