Add Subtitles to Video Topics

You can add subtitles to uploaded videos by uploading an SRT or WebVTT file. You can also attach more than one subtitle file to a video to accommodate more than one language. This can make your video available to a broader audience.

Subtitles appear to students as closed captions within the video player. Students can decide if they want to view the video with subtitles enabled, as well as which of the available languages they want to use.

Subtitles are not automatically generated for videos, and they are not automatically translated into different languages. The closed caption file uploads into a subfolder in the same location as the video file. You can only add subtitles to the videos that you upload. If you want to include subtitles for web videos hosted on another site, such as YouTube, you must follow the practices of that site.

Captions are required for accessibility. Review the steps for creating an SRT file.

To add a subtitle to a video topic:

  1. On the navbar, click Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. In the Table of Contents panel, click on the module in which you want to create a new video topic.
    Select Module in Table of Contents
  3. From the Upload/Create button, click Video or Audio.
    Upload Create Video Audio
  4. In the Upload tab, upload your video.
    Upload Video
  5. Click Add Subtitles.
    Add Subtitles
  6. From the Subtitle Language drop-down list, select a language.
    Subtitle Language
  7. To upload the SRT or WebVTT file containing your close captions for the video, click Browse. Locate your file and click Open.
    Upload Subtitle File
  8. Click Done, then Save.