About the Blog Tool

The blog tool is a university-wide public tool for students, and is not tied to a specific class. This tool cannot be tied to the grades tool.

The Blog tool has three main areas:

  • My Blog for creating and maintaining your own blog.
  • Blog Watch for reading other users’ blogs.
  • Blog List for setting up which other users’ blogs you want to watch.

Important note about the Blog Tool:

Anyone in TCU Online who accesses the Blog tool can see all public blog posts unless they are set to private. Private entries are ONLY visible to the person who writes them. Blog posts are not private nor tied to a specific course.

This tool should NOT be used for content that includes identifiable student information protected by FERPA. For class review, discussions, or a class journal solution, please use the Discussion tool within the course.


Learn to Use the Blog Tool

Get Started with Blog

Access & Create your Blog

Access the Blog tool within your course by clicking the Activities menu on the nav bar, then select Blog.

Blog Comments

Manage your Blog

Find and Follow Others’ Blogs