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FeatureDescriptionProduct Idea ExchangeRequest DateStatus
Highlight text with multiple color optionsWould like the ability to highlight text with multiple color options, without having to enter source code.
Use Case: If you are to create a new document and add text, then we would like to highlight the text.
Currently the user must make changes to the HTML code, but this is way above many of our users tech skills.
Example of highlighted text
eCollege course conversion tool enhancements1) Currently the converter takes items that are a part of the "Doc Sharing" tool within eCollege and places them within Manage Files. In eCollege they are displayed within a Doc Sharing tool, making the documents accessible to both instructors and students in the course. It would be great if once those items all got placed in Manage Files, they were then added to a Module called "Doc Sharing" so the clients didn't have to manually create the Module and add the items to it. This would better replicate the functionality they are used to and make the migration process smoother.

2) All Soft Chalk items from eCollege packages are placed in the D2L content as zip packages. This leaves the client to unzip the zip package in Manage Files in a new folder (in case of duplicate file names so to not overwrite anything) and then remove the zip package from content, and then add the index.html page within the unzipped package to content. If this was all automated within the converter, it would make clients migration to D2L much more seamless. Especially for the clients with large amounts of Soft Chalk items in their courses.

3) Webliography items within eCollege be added as links within the Links tool in D2L. In eCollege, Webliography is a separate tool within the courses that displays a repository of Links within courses, which the D2L Links tool is as well. It would be great if these Webliography items were added to that Links tool because currently, they are just left out from the conversion and not imported into courses. This leaves clients having to go and rebuild all of those links manually.
Total points in gradesWhen using a points gradebook, have a total at the bottom so an instructor can easily see that their total in D2L matches their total points on their syllabus. D2052 1/12/2016Submitted
Mail Templates - Ability to send Enrollment emails based on roleIt would be great to be able to create separate Enrollment emails in Mail Templates depending on Role. As we continue to work on our campus setup in Brightspace, we are finding this feature to be missing.

In our previous LMS, an email upon enrollment is sent through the system to:
Instructors - letting them know how to get their course up and running for the semester.
Teaching Assistants - notifying them that they were added as TA in a course and how to do specific tasks according to their rights/permissions
Students - letting our fully online students know when and how to access their courses, access a Student Orientation course and who to contact for help. Having this feature would provide quality communication to the users of our campus giving them the appropriate information according to their role. It would also provide redundancy to any news items or widgets we create specific for those users.
D3038 02/04/2016Submitted