Here at the Koehler Center, we know and understand that having to prepare to maintain instructional continuity is not an easy task. Furthermore, we know the process can create anxiety over a large number of intertwined factors, such as the quality of your course, ensuring you reach every student, technical skills you may need, and the biggest one of all—time. We have gathered information on our page Moving Content & Activities to an Online Format that will provide guidance on ways to adapt your instructional delivery and student assessment methods. In addition we will be available to to consult VIRTUALLY VIA ZOOM MEETINGS with instructors on an individual basis to assist you with maintaining instructional continuity.

VIRTUAL Consultations by Appointment Starting Mar. 16

Starting the week of March 16th, we will be available for scheduled consultations about how to move elements of your course to an online format. We will be meeting with you in WIN 115. This room is in the basement of Winton-Scott, across the hall from our Creator Studio. Please use the booking form below to navigate to your preferred date and book a time. Please note, bookings must be made in advance and have a maximum length of 30 minutes to allow us to meet with as many instructors as possible. The Virtual Open Lab is also available for general TCU Online questions.

To help you get started thinking about your course before your consultation, visit our page, Moving Content & Activities to an Online Format for practical tips and ideas you can implement now.