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End of Life Notice for D2L Binder

Information In order to better deliver products and features that meaningfully improve the lives of learners and educators, D2L is constantly evaluating where to focus our efforts. It’s natural for all products to go through a cycle from introduction, growth, and maturity, to an eventual end of life. That time will be coming for Binder… Read more »

Crash Course and Student Orientation Tool Access Statistics

The stats below display the Tool Access for Crash Course for Faculty and the Student Orientation Tutorial courses in TCU Online for the past 12 months, as of March 31, 2017. These are optional tutorials for faculty and students to learn about using TCU Online. Crash Course for Faculty Tool Percent views Total views (Last… Read more »

Students: Important Information for accessing your courses online

We sent an email on Monday, August 22, 2016 to all students sharing important information. The email sent is pasted below.   Welcome fall 2016 students! This fall, you will have an online component using either Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) or TCU’s new Learning Management System, TCU Online.  TCU is in the process of transitioning to… Read more »